Monday, May 19, 2008

May 18, 2008
"After the Ball"

The BBQ is now history, the Sacrament Meeting sermons have been delivered and we are sitting in our kitchen trying to absorb all that has happened. Bob Lee ( bishop's counselor) said that there were 380 sacrament cups used during the meeting and that would not account for our non-LDS friends who were there. That means that almost Four hundred of our friends came to church today to show their support and love while we declared our love for them and the Lord in our talks. Several came from great distances (Utah & Canada) to be there. What a thrill.

Cindy spoke about her epiphany, her personal revelation as to why go on a mission to Russia. She rehearsed our 1990 experience in the then Soviet Union and the workings of the Spirit. Simply stated, she is going because she said "yes" a very long time ago. Doug talked about giving and God's commandment to give freely of our time, talents, and all that we possess for the building up of the kingdom of God on the earth. Both bore testimony of the Gospel's power and truth.

Now, as we sit and look at the cards and gifts we again feel the love and support of our friends. We are so blessed to have so many good people in our lives who are willing to take time to show their love and support. Especially our friends of other faiths. They must be wondering why we are doing this but supporting us anyway. What good people!

We will post to this blog regularly to keep our friends and family up to date on our doings during our mission. We hope you will enjoy it.

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Trisha said...

You are awsome. Kepp it up. Dont forget the pics. We love to see your faces and all the fun you will be having. Or freezeing chattering teeth.