Saturday, January 24, 2009

200,000 visitors 1/24/-9

200,000 visitors 

Weather: Still overcast (duh)
Temp: -18c
Wind: 3-5 mph

Will the 200,000th visitor to this blog please sing in? That's a take-off from a 1960's TV show called "What's My Line" where a panel tries to guess the occupation of the guest. Point; I have been absolutely blown-away by the number of people who visit this blog, originally intended for family and a few friends, and I would like to acknowledge the 200,000th visitor officially in a dedicated blog posting.

So, keep an eye on the visitor count and if you are the 200,000th visitor, please leave a comment identifying yourself and anything you want me to know about you and I will write something special, featuring you of course.

It is so exciting to think that so many people are interested in what I have to say. Well, maybe some of them dropped in by accident looking for something interesting and got counted even though they exited unenlightened by my writings. I accept that. Nevertheless, most of you have at least read one posting and that is amazing.

I sincerely hope that you, the 200,000th will leave some indication of who you are and let me at least thank you for dropping by.

Some things coming up are a few thoughts on how culture is spread . . . by merchants, pictures of the ice and snow sculptures at Lenin Square in Novo, and why chicken have feet. Stay tuned. Oh, for you non-readers, I have sent another mental blog on why lights flicker. What do you think?

I leave you with this question, who is this man and why is he smiling? If you know, leave your answer as a comment.

What a guy. What a country.


Trisha said...

He is the long lost 4th amigo. And he is so over joyed that he has been found. Lets all have a round of virgin strawberry daquires.

Lelia said...

This is Doug's long lost brother - Doug and Cindy brought him back from Spain where they discovered the family connection. Doug loaned him the coat but twin brother Daren still refuses to remove his hat.

Shannon Simmons said...

He's the party entertainment, of course! You hired him to spice up the next zone conference. And he has brought jalepeno peppers to warm everyone up - thats why he is smiling!!!!

Shannon Simmons said...

As for lights flickering....i believe its a sign of electrical know, the change in the electrical current.....

Lee said...

Hi Elder and Sister Simmons! My name is Lee Barwick, and I was recently assigned to serve in the Novosibirsk mission! I was searching blogs to find out more about Novosibirsk, and was so excited when I came across this one! Your posts are very interesting and I will definitely love reading them as I prepare! I enter the MTC March 11. Who knows, maybe we'll meet each other some time! :)


Marilyn said...

This man has lost his glasses, is trying to stay warm at one of the Zone Conferences where Sister Simmons was serving Mexican lunch, and had just been told that the heat would be turned back on after 5:00 pm that night. Boy was he happy! As for the electricity, it is a manifistation of angels in our midst telling us we're loved and known to the heavenly hosts. Marilyn

Jeanne Morse said...

The answer to the question : "Who is this guy?" is-----ta da--Doug Simmons wearing a sombrero in Spain this past December. He (you) was entertaining the natives! His big grin indicates their appreciation. So, where is my prize for the correct answer?