Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Transfer Day 5/26/09

Transfer Day 

Clear with occasional big cumulus clouds
Temp - 69F
Wind - of course (5-7 nmph)

Transfers happen every 6 weeks. Some missionaries will move to another city or another assignment and some will stay for another transfer period. Some missionaries may be in a city for 6 months while others may move each transfer for several cycles. It is pure inspiration and that is the beauty of it. However, it still brings up feelings of anxiety and sometimes loss when elders or sisters move from your city to other assignments.

We love every missionary but we have become closer to some more than others because of the experiences and time we have shared. The office elders are a case in point. We always feel close to our elders with whom we work daily. We learn more of their personal side and a bond is created. Elder McBride, in the red tie, is an example. He has been here for 3 transfers and we love him just a little more because of that time together.

Elder Larson, on my right, is a current Assistant to the President and is on his way home. He is a happy person and a good leader. He has inspired the missionaries to be more obedient and has challenged them to reach higher and work harder. He loves costumes and funny hats. I don't know too many people who can wear a pointed party hat to vacuum the floor in his apartment; a great missionary.

Elder Mayorov, in the dark tie to my left, is another one that we will miss a lot. This is his first city in the mission and we have seen him grow into a skilled and highly motivated missionary. He has a deep spirituality and insight into spiritual matters. He is a real joy to talk to and is going to be a great leader. This transfer is also Elder Jensen's 21st birthday. We had the Elders over for dinner before they went to English Club and here he is blowing out his candle.

Transfers also include missionaries being released and heading home, whether that is in Russia, Eastern Europe, or America. Just as we were about to cut the cake, Elder Smith arrived with his family who had come to pick him up and tour his mission. This is discouraged but not prohibited and occasionally we get to meet the families. Here we are all posing with his family.

Elder West, on the right, is another of those special Elders who have been close to us. He was a missionary here and an Assistant to the President which kept him here a long time. He was a strong missionary and a great young man. He will be a great leader now and after some experience, a church leader of the highest order.

Missionaries are special people in general and carry the Light of Christ with them in their work. They lift everyone and just make you feel good to be around them. Some of them have an extra measure of the Spirit and inspire you to be better just by being there.

This is Sister Croper who is in Novosibirsk for the second time. She was only here for one transfer, but her first tour was for two transfers and we got to know her very well. She is bright, spiritual, and a hard worker. When we have Zone Conference they always have quizzes and she often has a perfect score on some really difficult stuff. I am really impressed with her and expect great things from her in the future. She's something special.

Elder Bindrup is on his way to Ulan-Ude to lend his positive attitude and energy to their missionary team. He is upbeat, positive, energetic and a strong teacher of the Gospel. He had a key role in our FEP Seminars in Novo and will help a great deal with the Seminar that we will hold in June in Ulan-Ude. It is great to have him there to lead the charge.

They all love Sister Simmons and take every opportunity to come to our apartment for a home-cooked American meal and a shelter from the storm on the streets. I occasionally contribute something to the dinner activity, but it is her that they come to see. I am so proud of her for doing her "thing" in this difficult place and time. She is a rock. Here she is (clockwise) with Sister Gorlova, Sister Tymochko, an investigator named Anna, and a member named Olga. As you can see, they are having a great time with her.

What a lady. What a country.

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Trisha said...

It is neat to read about the missionaries that are helping you all to stay focused. I am glad that you are surrounded by such wonderful people.