Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lelia & David going to Sain Petersburg 1/11/09

Lelia & David going to Saint Petersburg 

This is an email we got from Lelia some days after they left us on 7/6/09. As you can see, they had a REAL Russian experience with the airports. This is unedited, but with some inserts [ ] for clarification. This is a picture of one of the airline's early planes. Below is one of their current ones.

"Dear Cindy and Doug,

We got here as planned but had a couple of glitches. First one – the ticket agent for our flight [from Novosibirsk to Moscow to St. Petersburg] would not book us through to St Petersburg and of course we did not understand her explanation just that we had to pick up our luggage and go through the whole process of security and ticketing when we got to Moscow. When we tried to board the plane in Novo the boarding agent told us we did not have a ticket even though we are standing there with boarding passes. She had to call someone who approved our boarding. [This is the Novosibirsk Airport entry and the Aeroflot logo]

In Moscow we stood in line at the proper security point, went through without problem, but at the ticket window she said we were not listed on the flight so we had to go back out to find an Aeroflot agent who didn't seem willing to help us - she called another agent who told us to go through the line again and we would be ticketed. This after only looking at our paper confirmation so David demanded that she go with us to which she reluctantly agreed but we had to get into the long security check line again. In a few minutes we saw her go and talk to the ticketing agent and when we got through security we were given our boarding passes and from there everything went smoothly.

We did have some concerns about missing our flight. We slept all the way to S P and took a taxi to our B and B - finally was able to go to bed and instantly asleep."

Welcome to Russia
What a country.


Mom/Cindy said...

Yep!!!!! Such as it is!!!!!
Love ya, Me

Shannon Simmons said...

gotta love aeroflot...flop....and the russian airports. good times!!

English1 said...

Hi, Elder Simmons -

Just caught up on the last week or so of your posts and especially appreciated the one about the missionaries leaving and your feelings about that. I know how much my kids as missionaries loved the office couples and I am certain you two are equally loved and appreciated. I doubt Jeff and I will ever serve a full-time mission together, but I do look forward to serving in some way down the line. The experience you are having, what little I know about it anyway, is really quite incredible in so many ways. We heard my daughter-in-law Ashley's brother's "homecoming" Sacrament talk today and it was just marvelous. It opened up a whole new line of pondering for me and I so appreciated it. Similarly, I look forward to yours someday, but feel I'm getting it in pieces already from your blog. Thanks for your great entries! Keep up the good work and love to you both! You inspire me to be better and do better!