Thursday, August 27, 2009

God's Army in Russia 8/27/09

God's Army in Russia 

There is nothing boring about our job as the office couple. Whenever someone needs help, Senior Couple or young missionary, we are the first line of defense. It can be as simple as, "How much money is on my ATM card?" or "What time do I leave for my Visa Renewal trip?".

Currently I am trying to wrap up the settlement with a landlord in a small city to the south of us for mold damage caused by hot water running in the tub for a month because this apartment was used only occasionally and while the senior couple was there the last time the hot water was turned off as it often is. Unfortunately they did not know that the hot water faucet was in the "on" position when they locked up the apartment until their next visit to that city. The steam in a sealed apartment turned it into blue cheese and we are paying a large settlement to get it cleaned up.

Sometimes we get more serious requests. Tonight around 10:00 pm is a good example. The sister in a Senior Couple in one of our cities called tonight with a medical emergency. She was diagnosed over the phone by her eye doctor as having a detached retina and was in immediate need of surgery to correct the condition and save the sight in that eye. We were the first people she called to get directions and was understandably shaken.

After calming her with some kind words and concern, I told her that I needed to get our president's approval and then the East European Area Presidency's approval and then find out how to get them out of the country to where they want to go. I knew that our leadership would see that they got whatever they needed, but we needed to have the right support and stay within the organizational protocols.

When I called President Trejo, he was sitting on a plane next to the Second Counselor in the East European Area Presidency and after hearing of their needs, he took the initiative to arrange for their transportation and other needs. These leaders really know how to get things done and they take good care of their missionaries. Nothing is left undone. By tomorrow morning they will be in a plane headed to a hospital in the states. We love our missionaries, but no more than these great men love them. This is such a mutually supportive and loving group in the mission field that no one does anything but their best for the others.

We are so blessed to be associated with such loving and responsible people. It truly is a privilege to be here and doing what we can to support these great missionaries. Heavenly Father has blessed us with this opportunity and we are loving the work. This is a harsh country full of tough people, but the missionaries are finding the ones God has prepared to hear his Gospel message and join His church. The members here are strong yet loving and kind; a far cry from their atheist neighbors.

What a country.


Trisha said...

I love hearing how the church works and knowing for myself that God has his hand in this great work. Way cool.

Bob Steed said...

Some of my fondest memories of my mission are from serving in the office. Though I missed teaching on a regular basis, the work was still filled with opportunities to serve. I loved it!