Monday, September 14, 2009

I Coveted a New Coat 9/12/09

I Coveted a New Coat 

Temp 56 F
Wind 3-5 mph

Sometime this week, two of our missionaries, Elder Hinkson (center) and Elder Luddington (not shown) were on a visa renewal trip, and two of our missionaries, Elder Young and Elder Potter, showed up at our house with new winter coats. They were heavy, warm, with fur-trimmed hood, nylon zipper, zip-out liner, and ONLY 1,100 rubles. That's less than $40 and cheap at three-times the price. I HAD TO HAVE ONE!

I asked them to take me to the Renik on Saturday and show me where they got the coats and they agreed to squeeze me in between meetings. This picture is of the Renik in Almaty.

We rode the Metro to the Krasny Prospect station and exited directly into the Renik. They asked if I wanted to look around or just go directly to the stall and I opted for the direct route as I had a lot to do in the office even though this was a Saturday.

Arriving at the stall in a pouring rain, Elder Young got reacquainted with the proprietor and asked for another of the coats he and Elder Potter bought. She looked me over and went out in the rain to her plastic-covered rack of coats and pulled out the exact size I needed. Since they all were the same color which made the style element irrelevant. I gave Elder Hinkson my camera because I could not take my own picture and most of the time I don't get in my own blog for that reason.

She got me into the coat, tugged, zipped, and generally got me comfortable in it and, standing back, admiring her work, she said how handsome I looked in the coat. I was sold. Amazing what a few kind words can do for sales.

As I looked the coat over, I asked about the fur and what animal it was. She didn't know, but said that she had several different types and I could look at them. Going back out into the rain she retrieved another one and we danced again. I liked the fur on this one better and she agreed that it would not matt down as much as the first one; another sales tool I'm sure. I finally chose that one and paid the $35 or so dollars joyfully. I had my coat.

I sure hope it turns out to be as good as I think it is. Just wearing it in the store for a few minutes, I began to sweat and had to get it off. I think it will be a good coat for the winter for me.

As the missionaries got me back down to the Metro station, headed in the right direction, we chatted as we waited for the train and I noticed a family, mom-dad-2.2 children, and thought they looked different from the rest of the crowd. When I got on the train and we over-came the inertia of the initial jolt forward, the man said in perfect English, "You are an American". As it turned out, he was also American and was very happy to meet another one. His (about) 9-10 year old son was also talkative and pleasant. Mom and the younger daughter were more reserved and I didn't push it with them. I asked the boy if he spoke Russian and he said, "I was born in Russia" in that sort of innocent, "what did you expect" tone of complete incredulity. We chatted only a few minutes and they got off at Plosha Lenina Station while I continued to Oktyabraskaya Station and the office.

I can hardly wait for the first cold day to try out my coat. I surely cannot wear it any sooner.

I am planning to take two things home; my coats and 50 Russian ties

What a country


Shannon said...

snazzzzzy new coat dad! dont wish the super cold weather tooo soon!

Trisha said...

Love the new fashion. Would be nice to have one too. You do know that Utah does get cold too. Okay not as cold as Novo.

Bob Steed said...

Sometimes it really is the small and simple things that get us through. I am glad you found it.

Mom/Cindy said...

You look GREAT!!!!!!!