Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Missing Nine 1/3/10

The Missing Nine
Weather--Clear and Cold Temp--minus 20F (-32C)

The puppies have been missing for the past week. I have been looking for them and for the babushka who has been feeding them. There are no tracks through the newly fallen show and no sign of their usual traffic.

The adult black dogs have been seen, but I have not seen the mother. The males are chasing cars and barking at night in the usual fashion, but the whole thing seems to say that the family is split up if they are still alive.

As I said in a prior blog, I was never sure how I felt about nine more dogs in the neighborhood, but since they WERE there and I am a softy for babies, I have been concerned about their absence. Maybe someone has taken them in or maybe they just found a warmer place to winter than this construction sight.

Nevertheless, I wanted to memorialize the fact that they are missing and that I am concerned for them, even though I was not sure I wanted them to grow up to be a nuisance this spring. Ambivalence is not one of my favorite emotions so this whole thing is a little unsettling. More to come.

What a quandary. What a winter. What a country.


Shannon Simmons said...

I hope you find some news about the puppies dad!

Trisha said...

Babies are great. but when you have no imput into how they are raised it might be better that they have moved on. Life is tough when you have your own, but the ones you have to just watch well that is hard.

Bob Steed said...

Not sure I see the conflict in your feelings. When young and defenseless, you worry about them. When they are able to care for themselves, you expect decent behavior. Seems congruent with your nature and that of Heavenly Father. Besides, who doesn't like puppies?