Tuesday, July 15, 2008

July 15, 2008 Letter to the Mission

Letter to the Mission
July 15, 2008
Progress in the Novosibirsk Mission
The following are excepts from the latest mission report email sent to all missionaries in our mission by the Assistants to the President. They do a great job of keeping the energy high in the mission. The picture to the left shows our zone leaders, Elders McCleary (couch) and Gambardella (seated to his left) getting instructions from the AP's.
The letter states, in part:

Elders and Sisters,
We would like to start off by congratulating everyone for the amazing week. We had a total of 70 new investigators! this past week, and everything else was way above average. It's great to see things really taking off, as we are guiding God's elect into His fold. There are 4 great baptisms planned for this coming week; D... . . from Ulan-Ude, A. . . and V. . . . in Irkutsk, and G. . . in Omsk. Please pray for them to be ready and for the missionaries to help them move forward.

The PMG (Preach My Gospel) quiz and scripture test have been annihilating missionaries around the mission, so get yourselves ready (see picture of the week). Remember what you have learned from the conferences and apply the principles. Be bold, be confident, and be happy. Do it McD style and put a smile on, everybody, come on. Things are looking great in the mission, success and progress is visible in every city. Make sure that you are staying on top of new converts. Elder Bressler tries to recall a scripture and we (Cindy & I ) are on the back row right of the right-hand picture, having even more problems recalling.

We had the AP's for dinner tonight and they are not sure they want to be "blog-stars", but they enjoyed dinner very much. Here they are encouraging sister Simmons in the kitchen before dinner. Actually they came to translate for us with the landlady about the window screens she promised to have installed, her husband supposedly works for a window company, but we were disappointed to find that only the measurer came. So much for communications.
I suspect that there will be more need to talk to her after we had the man measure all of the windows instead of the one in each room that he intended to measure. Nogotiations ahead.

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Trisha said...

Enjoy the tests. I remember having to do that with the scriptures but it was only me and the DL. All the memories that come flooding back.