Friday, July 11, 2008

Another Report
July 7, 2008
President Mickelsen:
During the past week we have been working in the office daily and getting instructed by the Office Elders.
We spent two days being trained by Andrey Kudinov about the accounting processes and procedures. Some of them were new to Elder Fry as well. We will implement his directives as we work.
We were told to have an office coordination meeting and Yulia said that they had them with the former office couple. I am unclear as to what we will be coordinating, since Olga and Brat Pyotr work independently, but we will have them.
We attended the baptism of Serge in the 3rd Branch building Saturday. It was run well and very spiritual. He was confirmed in 1st Branch Sunday.
We are still working with the landlady to get internet hooked up and the refrigerator fixed.
We are keeping up with the reading schedule and appreciate the direction.
We have been attending both branches each Sunday, but are unclear if we should continue to attend both. What is your direction?

Is there an ultimately responsible party in the office? I know Olga, Brat Pyotr, and Yulia work for the Moscow office and we as a couple manage the office elders. Does anyone have over-all responsibility for the office management?

The mechanics of the Novosibirsk Zone Conference are a mystery to us. Who actually drives this process?

All is well in Siberia
Elder & Sister Simmons

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Shannon Simmons said...

Sounds so wonderful! Way to go Elder & Sister Simmons. I love to hear your updates and how things are working. Its also really great to see what your living situation is. Watch out for those potholes - that could be extra cold in the winter! Love you - Shannon