Friday, August 15, 2008

8/15/08 Fridge going, going, ?

FridgeGoing, Going, ?
The final days of our refrigerator are close. We have been struggling along with a small, very poor quality unit provided by the hazika (landlord) that needs defrosting every two weeks and can barely hold a week's food. With our feeding the missionaries 4 or 5 times a week. we are spending about $300 a week for food and a significant portion of that is wasted because the fridge won't keep it cold enough.

We have been looking for a larger unit and found several that could serve our needs with about 50 % more capacity and being frost-free. The problem is that most of these units are $600-$800 dollars and this would be a donation to the mission if we bought one. We are debating the merits of the new unit, but every time we can't get something out of the freezer or into the fridge, the alternatives get very clear.

As you can see in this picture, The "wall of food" we used to have in Sacto is smaller, but still an issue. We are getting desperate and I think we will have to do something drastic soon. This little fridge can't be 50% as big as our one at home and it can't hold a week's food for everyone we feed. We can't go shopping more often because it takes so long and time is becoming a premium. I think we will just have to shove this one down the stairwell and get a bigger one.

We went with the Gushins shopping today and compared prices at the El Dorado store (like Best Buy) and the Ikea store on the left bank. I think El Dorado wins with a Electrolux unit that has the same footprint as ours but is almost 24 inches taller. They will deliver it for 250 roubles (about $10) but they will leave it just inside the door of your apartment. If you want it put in the kitchen it costs more.
What a country

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Trisha said...

I miss that "Wall Of Food" It is such a comfort. I loved it when you would come and visit and put that wall up in my fridge.