Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday 8/17/08

Weather Report
Last night while writing a blog post, the temperature outside began to fall and by 11:00 pm it was 17 c or 62 f outside. It was like someone just opened the freezer door and let in the cold air. It was a 4 degree drop over a 2 hour period. That's a dramatic change in my book. It is still heavily overcast, but I haven't seen any rain today. The temp at 10:15 pm is 19 c and breezy.

Today at First Branch, Gresha was confirmed a member of the church and received the Gift of the Holy Ghost. He is so calm now. It is hard to believe that his mother was concerned for him at school. It is a miracle.

Also today Dasha Gushina, Pres Gusin's daughter, and her roommate, sister Smith, spoke in Sacrament meeting. Excellent talks translated by Lydia. Sister Smith served in Novo and was released about 9 months ago. She and Dasha are very close. I am very impressed with her and like her a lot. Strong spirit.

Tonight we had the office elders for dinner and a planning session for the next two weeks before both of them go on their Visa trips the end of the month. We are trying to be sure that the work gets done even when they are gone. Sister Simmons is going to step up to the plate on her side of the office. I have every confidence that she will do great.

For the past three days workers have been digging huge holes in our street, doing something, and filling in the homes with sand. Sasha, the PFR, said that they were repairing the hot water pipes that heat the buildings on our street. Someone is working on the project around the clock. I wish them well.

What a country

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Trisha said...

Lets hope the holes get filled in by winter. Or you will have to draw a map so you know where to walk without falling in and making your way to the USA.