Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Picture

A Picture
Weather Report:
This morning, Bright & sunny
Clear blue sky with a few scattered clouds
14c light breeze

5:30 pm cold rain and high winds
10:30 pm 6.6c (43f) and windy, no rain

We had a nice surprise at church this morning. A young adult sister gave us a water-color picture she had painted and wanted us to have it. She offered us the original or a color photocopy and we took the original.

She is a very kind, considerate, and beautiful young lady with the quick mannerisms of a cannery. She is quick to move and glances about often, seeming to always want to be aware of her surroundings. She has pretty long red hair and a quick smile. She is very much aware of Sister Simmons and takes special pains to be sure she is taken care of, often coming back to where we sit in the back to make sure that we have someone to translate for us. We like her very much and appreciate her kind attention.

We plan to get a frame for the picture and hang it in the parlor. She was reluctant to sign the front because she copied a Christmas card for the painting, and since it was not an original she signed the back. here she is talking to Cindy after relief society meeting.

We really like her and appreciate her giving us that painting. It was a gift of love.

What a girl. What a country

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Trisha said...

It is beautiful. What a wonderful gift. A memory to treasure.