Saturday, November 7, 2009

Don't Even Think About It 11/6/09

Don't Even Think About It 11/6/09
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With more road behind us than is before us, I have made a decision not to think about it. That's right, I will not think about it for one second. Actually, I think that I did think about it for a second, and then I caught myself and immediately stopped thinking about it. I have so not thought about it that I have forgotten what it was I was not going to think about.

What was that? I had it a minute ago, but I lost it. That's maddening. You walk into a room to do something and suddenly you have not only forgotten what you were going to do, but you wonder why you are here in the first place. What was it? Oh . . . darn I almost had it. It was something about ripe tomatoes, Basel, pea pods, and green beans. What did dirt have to do with it? Dirt . . . ripe tomatoes . . . fresh Basel . . . grass . . . lots of green grass . . . and water . . . the sound of splashing water . . . a cool shady pool of water . . . the sound of splashing water as I did something with a ripe tomato . . . a salt shaker . . . what's that got to do with it? Water? Tomato? Salt shaker? Basel, peas, green beans, berries, peaches, lemons, Oh!

I remember now. It's home. It is sitting on my deck, eating a ripe tomato from my garden, lightly salted, with a few Basel leaves that I just plucked off a plant, some mayo, yeah, and . . . oh darn . . . it's home . . . and I had decided to not think of home during this whole Siberian winter. Well, I guess I will just have to start again; not thinking of it. It? What was it? Oh darn, I lost it again.

What a memory (or lack there of). What a country.


Mom/Cindy said...

Yes, the deck, yard, garden, and house-----that makes "home" to share with each other, family, and friends. Lots of nice memories to resume at a future time when our Siberian gift is concluded. We love both of our homes. Remember, home is where the heart is even if it's only temporary.Me

Carol said...

Looks like you have a beautiful home. Seeing those pictures and reading this post makes me want to thank you even more for the service that you are doing for our Heavenly Father. What a great example you are to all of us of sacrifice and giving our all to the Lord and this gospel. I'm so glad that my daughter, Sister Gneiting, has the opportunity to associate with such great people. I appreciate all that you are doing and wish you the best during the remainder of your time there in Russia.
Carol Gnetiing

Kathy said...

You're funny, Doug. All that will still be there, waiting for you.

Trisha said...

What was that? I thought it was ripe tomato's and the grill going. Setting the table and oh what was I thiking we are not talking about home are we. Love you.

Bob Steed said...

I always thought that remembering home during a mission could be a blessing, if property used. Memories can be sustaining in nature. I am not sure it is wrong to think about it for at least one minute. Maybe even two.

Lindsey said...

Elder & Sister Simmons,

My brother is Elder Potter and is currently serving in Novosibirsk also. In his last letter home he told us about your blog. It was great to be able to see him in one of your pictures! We miss him a lot, but know he is where the Lord needs him to be. If you see him, tell him his sister says hi! Thanks for sharing your stories and pictures with us!

Lindsey Potter

Shannon said...

Yes, I am not thinking about that either...but I do miss you...I agree with Kathy that all those things will be waiting for you. You are doing a great work in Siberia and I love you dearly. Its winter pretty much everywhere now, so we all are hibernating and thinking of when we can resume warmer weathered things..