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Goodbye Serge 11/8/09

Goodbye Serge 11/8/09
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Serge was the first baptism we attended after coming to Novosibirsk in June of 2008. He is a friend of Mesha Nikolaichev, son of Pyotr Nikolaichev, our office travel clerk and the president of the Novosibirsk District.
From the beginning, Serge was someone special. He is a tender spirit with a great capacity to believe. He accepted the Gospel without reservation and has immersed himself in the culture of the Church here and has risen to leadership in the Young Adults and the Second Branch presidency as a counselor to President Gushchin.

Serge was liable for military service and this was a great challenge for him. In Russia, all young men from 18 to 29 must serve one year in the military.Many young men pay for documents that would exempt them from service and Serge was offered such a document in order to continue working for his current employer and later to serve a mission for the Church. He told us that he thought it was impossible for him to tell others to repent and know that he had lied to get there.

What a sense of integrity. This is one of the most honest, sincere, genuine people I have ever met. I am sure that he was that way before he was baptized, but his life since then has been an example to everyone as to who we should all be. He is someone very special and some day he will be an amazing missionary, branch president and more. I am blessed to have known him and only wish that I could be here when he returns from the military to enter into the missionary service. God's speed Serge, and may God bless you.

What a fine young man. What a country


Mom/Cindy said...

We love Sergey. And such integrity. He's been one of our special helpers. He'll be missed.

Bob Steed said...

When I grow up, I want to be like him. Thank heavens for earthly examples of celestial perspective.