Thursday, December 3, 2009

Feeding the Nine 12/1/09

Feeding the Nine  12/1/09
Weather -- Heavy overcast
Temp -- -12 F
Wind --  Calm

This morning I caught some pictures of the "Puppy Lady" feeding the 9 puppies that live in the construction site across the street. She comes most mornings around 8-9:00 with something for them. They now come running out of the building when she comes and by the time I got my camera out, all I can see is a couple of them around her feet. You can just barely see them at her feet while the mom looks on from inside the fence.
Yesterday morning I saw 6 of them playing out in front of the gate near the driveway that separates this building from the industrial area next door. They were wrestling, jumping, chasing each other in anticipation of the "Puppy Lady's" arrival, but she never came that day.

Today, after the feeding, the "Puppy Lady" started down the street and  two of the puppies followed her.  She turned around and scolded them and with a "air-backhand" sent them scurrying back inside the fence.

I missed taking a picture of the actual orders to the puppies, but you can see her turned around toward them as the others inside begin to retreat into the building.

Here they are moving toward the gate again as she turned around and continued down the street.

On the way back they stopped, turned around to look at her and she again motioned for them to go home. They both continued back to the fence and into the safety of the building and their siblings.

Children are so easily trained if we are firm, but patient because they want to please and are looking for reinforcement. These puppies did as they were told and went home to await the advent of the "Puppy Lady" again tomorrow. God bless the babka (short for babushka, grandma).

What a country.


Shannon said...

So cute. I know they drive you crazy when they are older & barking, but thats so precious. I love how the sweet Babka has taken it upon herself to feed the pups and care for this small corner of the world. Love the pics...

Jason said...

Hi there, I discovered your blog while looking online for information about the place we are sending our oldest son. He goes into the MTC in Provo at the end of this month and he is so excited for his mission to begin! It looks as if you will still be there when he finally arrives so maybe you will get the chance to meet him. His name is Elder Jason Taylor Eborn. Thanks for your Blog, it helps a worried parent to know some of what is going to be ahead for our son.

God Bless,
Jason and Rene Eborn