Thursday, December 3, 2009

Feeling Alone 12/03/09

Feeling Alone 12/03/09
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I guess my friends have gotten bored with my blogs. I haven't gotten one comment on the last three posts and I check it daily to see if anyone read them.

Well, I guess maybe I have run out of interesting things to comment on around Novosibirsk. After 18 months, most things are pretty SOP ordinary by now. I can't help feeling a little lonely though with no exchange with my readers, but I understand that people are just busy with their lives and time is hard to find. Hey, are you still out there?

I have not sent many emails out because I used the blog to communicate with everyone and it is very different from an email. People feel some obligation to respond to an email, but a blog just sits there until someone comes to it and comments. I suppose that some people read and don't feel a need, or don't know how to comment. I guess I'll just have to start sending email broadcasts and see who rises to the bait. Although, I can't complain about over 800,000 hits on the blog over the last year and a half, I have a secret wish to hit 1,000,000 before next April 31. We'll see.

Paka' (familiar goodbye)

What a country


samnarene said...

We enjoy reading your blog, and I have a link to it on mine. While we were in Moscow, I kept a blog and had very few people leave comments. However, friends and family would send e-mails letting me know they were reading it. The ones who would occasionally comment on the blog were those who also had a blog of their own. We are home from our mission now and have a new blog, and the same thing is happening. I get more e-mail responses and only a few comments left by other bloggers. Your blog is very interesting and fun to read. Having served our mission in Russia, we can identify with much of what you write. Keep posting and know you have a following, albeit often in silence, but with appreciation.

Shannon said...

Dont feel alone Dad! Its true, I have been a bit of a non-commenter on your posts...but I have been reading them :) Its my little treat in the day when you put up a new post. Love you!!!!

Carol said...

I know that you dont know me but you know my daughter Sister Gneiting. I check your blog every day and I have really enjoyed reading your entries. They are very interesting to me and have helped me have a better understanding of what life is like for my daughter living in Russia. I really appreciate your insights and I hope that you will keep posting for as long as you are still serving over there. Thank you again for helping me feel a little bit closer to my daughter.

Bob Steed said...


Guilty as charged. I normally check every Monday morning to see what's new. I did so as well last week, but didn't post any comments that time. I will get back in the saddle. Want you to know, though, that I really appreciate the time and thoughtfulness that go into your posts. Becoming more familiar with what is happening with/to you makes having you so far away easier. Keep up the good work.