Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Boxes are Coming! The Boxes are Coming! 10/22/08

The Boxes are Coming! The Boxes are Coming! 

Weather Report:
+5.2c, Winds are calm, Sky is cloudless

Thanks Amy B for your comment. Check out the "Frost in Cabo" post for more pictures of your parents-in-law & their place in Tomsk. Sign-on as a follower if you can. Thanks for joining the Grampadoug clan.

Hey You Guys! The boxes are beginning to arrive in mass. We got one last week from the Empty-nesters & two from family. We trashed the first EN box before we thought to look at the number, but it must have been an even number because the 4 we got today are 1, 3, 5, and 7 of 7. All odd numbers. What's the chances of that? The first one must have been an even # which means we have two to go. Number 5 came in a Russian Postal Service bag because it "Exploded" somewhere in route and was put in the bag like Elder Lunt's in August. (see prior posting) Can't tell if anything is missing.

Thanks so much for all the great stuff. We have not inventoried the new boxes yet because today we went shopping after two weeks hiatus and we had almost 5 hours of washing produce and putting away the new stuff, all the while Cindy is baking chocolate chip cookies for the District meeting Friday and starting to think about the menu for same. It has been a busy evening. The cashier at the Megas store had to split the order into two charges on my credit card because the amount went over the machine's limit. The total was over 17, 000 roubles. Most of that will go to feed missionaries. The workers at the store are getting used to us, but the customers are aghast. "No one should be buying that much food. What are they thinking?"

We also received a box (the shorter one in the foreground) from Lelia Guilbert, an old college buddy from Sac State who is now running a B & B in Mitchell, South Dakota, the hunting mecca of the prairie. Thanks Lelia. The box arrived in perfect shape.

We also got a package via the Gushins who visited their daughter in Provo for a couple of weeks after seeing Disneyland and some old friends from the mission at a reunion. Sister Cindy has already tried out the ghost peeps and the slippers are in her closet (which is full of powdered milk and oatmeal. The card was nice too; from the grandkids and the Trisha. Grandma likes all the nice stuff for her and I got to read the card. I think it was addressed to "Grandma and old what's his name".

Anyway, thanks bunches for all the kind attention. The fridge is full and running like a top, the spices and other ingredients are in the cupboard waiting for the call to action, and we are remembering our friends and family with love and appreciation. If you don't think we are in this thing for the long haul, just check out the head-gear. This is serious business.

Bye for now from Grampadoug (old what's his name) and the Arctic Snow Fox.

What a country.


Trisha said...

I am so glad that you got it. We didn't forget you old whats his name but you never let us know what you want or need. You take great care of the Grammy. Giveus a call soon.

Shannon Simmons said...

Hi to my fashion forward Arctic're looking great & I am glad the fridge & pantry are full. Chris can rest assured that the wall of food has been revived. More boxes of love are on their way and Aunt Diane & I are prepping a holiday box to send out soon. I sure love you!!!

Mike and Deb said...

I love follwoing this blog! What more do you need out there? We are sending out love to you from Arizona - I wish I could send some of this heat too. Miss you and love you both!
Deb Malone