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I finally had to speak to Prop 8 10/11/08

I finally had to speak to Prop 8 

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Gale-force winds (30-50 mph) from the west with rain and flying sheet metal near construction sites and 2x6's from the collapse of the new roof of the Neighborhood Administration building up the block.

We have been following the Prop 8 campaign from a distance and have been getting updates from many of you. After getting an email from Judy, a Utah friend, I have decided to weigh -in on this issue. My blog usually has a light-hearted undercurrent, but this one is from my heart as well as my head.

To those who oppose Prop 8 AND are going to be offended by some very personal stuff here, DON'T READ THE REST OF THIS. I love you. You are my friends and that means more to me than most public issues. However, when something is right, or something is wrong, it goes beyond friendship, beyond family, beyond fear. I will make an argument for passage of this measure. If you can handle it, if you can love me anyway, lets begin.

First, a big "Thank You" to all of our California friends who are carrying the water for the rest of us. We have been on the front lines ourselves and know that it is a sacrifice and calls for a thick skin. We have sent our money and by this blog are lending our support.

Second, I feel a need to make something clear to my friends who think this issue is political and/or social. It is neither. It is clearly moral according to my belief in scripture and the messages from God through our current prophet and apostles. This is an issue that will separate members of our church just like many other issues have done in our 175+ year history. Those who follow the prophet will stay. Those who oppose him will not because the fence is getting narrower and more uncomfortable every day. As time goes on ,there will be more such issues, and we all need to buckle our seat belts. That is why they call it the Last Days, and even some of the elect will be deceived. The question ultimately is, "If you are not going to follow President Monson and the Twelve, who will you follow?" When the prophet and the Twelve speak as one to the whole world, it is the voice of God and not to be trifled with.

I know that some of you have friends or even family members who live a homosexual life. You love them and may feel that to support Prop 8 would be to hurt them personally. I do not know what you feel, but I do understand the need to defend those we love. However, this issue goes beyond anything else, and it is clearly defined by the direction we have received and the implications for us as a people. I make my case.

Point # 1
Scripture clearly tells us that the Prophet and the Twelve will not be allowed to lead the Church astray. This is the last time God will gather his people, impart His priesthood, and establish His Gospel and He will remove any prophet who will not follow His will. That should be enough for those of us with Testimonies and the discussion should stop here. For me and my house, we will follow the Lord and his prophet.

Point #2
Laws in the U. S. are based on Legal Precedent. What comes after must agree with what has gone before, and all must agree with the foundation document (constitution) as currently amended. Rightly or wrongly, Prop 22 was judged in conflict with this foundation document and the only way to affirm Prop 22 is to amend that foundation document.

Point #3
Why define marriage as between a man and a woman? First, God said so. But to continue, I am not a lawyer, but this is my understanding from the seminars and conferences we attended during our FEP mission. The definition of marriage, as a legal construct, defines other elements of our lives. Every subsection of Family Law, and of most Civil Law, presumes the core definition of marriage unless otherwise defined. Change that definition and you change all Family Law and a great deal of Civil Law. It goes far beyond two people of the same gender getting "married" and will alter every law governing family members' rights, relationships and responsibilities far beyond what we can see now.

As I read and hear the news, families in states that now have legalized same gender marriage are beginning to get "the rest of the story." Adoption agencies are being required to give children to same-sex couples. Churches are being required to perform marriages. Schools are being required to teach children that same-sex marriage is just the same as heterosexual marriage. Those who teach and/or preach that homosexual unions are not sanctioned by God are being sued and jailed for Hate Speech. When you change core values and definitions you change the society.

The ultimate change Mormons will experience is the arrest of our prophet and apostles for Hate Speech crimes and legal sanctions against the church for refusing to marry same-sex couples in our churches and Temples. If we remember our history, we have already felt the crush of government punishment for our beliefs in the 19th century and it will happen again. You think that is impossible? You just wait and see, but when we see it, it will be too late to do anything about it. The horse will be gone and the barn door won't matter anymore.

Point #4
Prop 8 does not take away any right that homosexuals currently have or have had historically. It reaffirms the historical definition of marriage and anchors that in the state constitution. It does not prohibit any other form of contract between same-sex couples. In addition, California is a bellwether state. What happens here is a greater precedent for future action nationwide than what has happened in Massachusetts or Vermont.

I am willing to listen to any argument against Prop 8 from anyone. Go ahead and take your best shot, but please don't bore me with accusations of bigotry or homophobia. That just won't stick to me. My support for Prop 8 is not a sign of my hatred for homosexuals. I have done business with, been friends with, and had close association with people of many different life-styles and cultures without even considering hating them. It is simply a sign of my Testimony about the prophet's Family Proclamation and his guidance on this matter. I don't hate homosexuals and I don't hate those opposing Prop 8. I simply disagree and I have the right, and the obligation, to do so.

If I wanted to hate some defined group of people, I am in the perfect place to find such a group, but that's irrelevant. "Hate" has simply become a shield for a poor argument. I encourage everyone with a Testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to get on your knees and ask Heavenly Father if this direction from his prophet is right. The Holy Ghost will witness the truth to you as he always does. When you get confirmation, get off your couch and get involved in this process. Your voice is needed and is as important as the ones currently working for Prop 8. You have the moral high ground and this is your opportunity to make your voice heard.

Again, my thanks to all of you who are doing the work. You are the front line defense for marriage as God created it in the Garden. You are his angels sounding the trump of warning to our nation.

GET INFORMED (if you haven't already) Check out for detailed information and videos. Many mistakenly think this is an issue of 'letting others do what they doesn't affect me'. But the fundamental core of the family and religious freedom is at stake.

You can download a registration form at Download the form and fill it in. It must be received no later than October 20th.

Post the websites and information on your blogs, facebook, myspace, about it to your friends...text them to register..tell your technology minded kids to spread the word to their friends.

The coalition we're working with is comprised of many churches in the state and other family oriented organizations. If you don't know who to ask to volunteer, call your bishop or pastor. If we all put in just a few hours a week, it would make a tremendous difference.

If you read this far, thanks for reading this through. If you got this're already making a difference. Call Debi Raphael at 916-722-7995 if you can't find any other avenue to get involved.

What a country to give us all the chance to speak our minds.


Marilyn said...

Way to go Doug! Perhaps you should mail this journal page to all on your email lists, just in case any one of them misses this entry. Marilyn (computer finally somewhat fixed)

Kathy said...

Thanks, Doug for the information. It feels like we are on the edge of a major change in this country for many reasons. I, at first, get fearful of things to come but I try to check myself and remember that we we follow what is right Heavenly Father will bless us.

Vaughn did some sign holding on El Camino a few weeks ago. No one threw stuff at them but they got some fingers and, I think, a threat to hit one of them with a rock. Scary.

It will be very interesting to see what happens.

Trisha said...

How powerfull. I share all that I get with others. I will keep praying and attending the temple. Love you guys!!!