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The View From Here 10/30/08

The View From Here 

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I'm not really a country-western fan most of the time, but occasionally I hear something that grabs me like, "I'm Proud To Be An American" and some CSNY stuff I have on my computer at home. Today, someone sent us this song and it grabbed me, especially from where I sit right now.

The view from here is a mixed bag. I see the Elect, struggling to grasp the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a land without God as we know Him. And then I see the general population typified by an encounter last Sunday evening while walking from the Left-Bank chapel through the housing units to the park and the Metro as I have described before.

I was in the company of Elders Swensen and Kravshenko. As we approached the park, Elder Kravshenko stopped a family about to pass us and said something like (Swensen translated for me) I am a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and I have a message for you about Jesus Christ. May I share it with you? To that, the father said no, we are atheists. Kravshenko then said aren't you interested in God? Here is the message. The man said, and I quote Swenden's translation, "I know there is a God but we are atheists." That, my friends is the situation here. The man could not even get his own position straight. He knows there is a God, but thinks he is an atheist.

From where I sit in Novosibirsk, you folks in the US have much the same problem with those who are trying to get God out of America. They worship at the alter of "Separation of Church and State" but have no idea where that term came from and think it is in the Constitution, or Bill of Rights, or the Declaration of Independence, or SOMETHING, isn't it?

Well, no it's not. The closest thing in the Constitution is the prohibition against the government establishing a religion; a state religion like existed at the time in England.

The fact is that the 13 colonies and the United States that it evolved into always was and still is a Christian nation and there is NO, and there never has been A, state religion, Christian or otherwise until the devotees of "separation" started trying to create one under the disguise of liberality and tolerance.

The fact is that this movement is neither liberal (in the classic sense) not tolerant. They are demagogic and demanding, and the majority of the God-believing population had better get over being bullied by their name-calling and rhetoric and start pushing back or the God of this land is going to allow a scurge to come upon this land to clear us off and make room for another people who will worship him in truth and honesty. We will not succeed as a non-religious nation. All of Europe is demonstrating that right now.

To those who ballyhoo the danger of religious persecution, I have a word for you; LIE. We Mormons have earned the right to have an opinion on this subject and we as a people stand with the religionists and the Constitution. There have always been people who will use any excuse, including religion, to persecute those they fear or need to oppress. We experienced it in Ohio, in Missouri, in Illinois, and again in Utah. It has nothing to do with religion. It is about power and who has it.

Ladies and gentlemen. Brothers and sisters. Let us take back the nation from the few intellectual snobs and bigots who threaten to destroy it. Let us stand up for God. He doesn't need our help, but we NEED to show our colors. We NEED to show God that we love Him, that we fear Him, that we worship Him in the face of all opposition, no matter how many TV networks, movie studios, newspapers, talking heads, celebrities, or internet sights they control.

We still trust in God and we need to show it. I hope the song grabs you like it did me.

What a country is the USA. Lift up your lamp and take it back.

Diamond Rio: In God We Still Trust


Trisha said...

Thank You! What a blessing.

Shannon Simmons said...

Amen. CHARGE! CHARGE! CHARGE! We must push back and fly the flag of truth boldly and with courage.

Nancy Farrimond said...

Hurray! Hurray! For the USA, we're
truly blessed with living in a land
of freedom and liberty that God has
given to us.

Lelia said...

Wonderful message Doug. Earlier today I sent a similiar message about "separation of church and state" not being part of the US Constitution as many are lead to believe. Didn't this come from the Communist Manifesto? The ACLU agenda uses this for their anti religion crusade and the secular progressives are also quite vocal. Thank you for your blog - you are doing great work there.

Marilyn said...

I love that balloon flag. So happy we could enjoy that week with you and Cindy. You should sell that picture to someone for ads. It's one of a kind. Marilyn