Friday, June 26, 2009

An aside to my readers 6/26/09

An aside to my readers 6/26/09

Weather-Rain, rain, rain
Temp has bee in the mid 50's F
Wind--as usual

This blog is an aside to my readers. It is sorta like the Words of Mormon after Omni.
An aside to my readers 

Thank you for reading. I love to read the comments. Actually, I check my own blog daily in hopes that someone will leave a comment. Writing a blog is somewhat like sending a letter to "To Whom It May Concerned" with no address and hoping that someone reads it. I certainly am writing this for my own purposes, but the feedback is oxygen for the suffocating.

To those of you who are computer semi-literate and are afraid to try leaving a comment; it is very user-friendly. There are prompts to lead you through the initial process and then the next time you comment, the program will remember you. Try it.

Melinda, you said that only those who have served in Eastern Europe can really understand what we are doing every day. How right you are. We had talked to some former Russian missionaries before we came, but you just cannot really be prepared. Americans cannot understand the joy of having the electricity in your kitchen working again, having water, having hot water, and having a Preparation Day when you can clean the grime from the horizontal surfaces that you cleaned last week. We do look forward to meeting you and your husband when we return to trade war-stories and reminisce.

Diane, my sister, I'm so glad that you enjoy our adventures. Although some of them are not really too funny at the time, the level of lunacy just cannot be imagined, and that alone makes all of them funny.

My girls Shannon, Trisha, and Andrea--You are my most loyal and consistent followers. Thanks for encouraging the old boy to keep going. I love you and really love to read your comments. I am trying to reciprocate by commenting on your blogs. Let's keep each other going.

Belva, Emily, Cathy, Stephanie--I am encouraged by your comments. I haven't seen you comment for a while, but life happens doesn't it. Thanks for your support.

Marilyn-I miss you. Are you OK? I'm still getting your broadcasts and love the video clips, but I miss your pithy comments. Hope all is well.

What a nice group


Shannon Simmons said...

While I dont understand the daily "grind" of your work & experience in the far - reaches of the Lord's vineyard, I do know that if anyone can successfully serve there, its you & mom. I love to read your blog & love to comment. I agree that the blog is a shout out in a forrest full of trees - you hope to hear some of those trees rustle, but you arent sure if that will happen.

Trish and I sometimes race to see who will leave the first comment on each of your posts. Ha! I got here first:) Love you!

Gary said...

Brother Sister Simmons
I have enjoyed the postings on your blog. What a great way to communicate with others. My wife and I served in the Yekaterinburg Mission from Sept 02 to Sept 04. It was the greatest experince of our lives. We did a YA conference in Aug 04 in Krasnoyarsk. It was a very beautiful place. We were CES missionaries and served with Sasha Drachov. It was good to get an update about their family from your blog. If you wouldn't mind would you give him my email address. Maybe he will write to us. We really enjoyed it when we traveled on the train and was able to get the LUX compartments. Anything less was quite step down. God bless you in your work with those great people.

Trisha said...

Man am I the slow one this time. It must be your day off. Yes Dad I love to read about what you are accomplishing out there. But the best is the SKYPE when I get to hear you and mom just the same as if we were visiting out in California. However some of the jokes will only work in Russia.

Mom/Cindy said...

Yo Elder Dougie,
Thanks for recording so many of our experiences. You're doing a GREAT job. I know it's a joy to you, but it's, also, a treasure to our whole family. A value now, but a real treasure for the future. It's really nice to have a little boy like you around the house. You write, you clean, you wash, you fix things, you're a great assistant to the cook, and you even do somethings at the office for the missionaries. You're loved by many. I love you. I'm thankful that you're my eternal companion. Sister Cindy

Emily said...

I read your blog often, but rarely comment. I'll try to be more consistent ;0)

Currently, I am staying at the Brooks home with my kids as we are babysitting Jake, Sam, and Cameron while Kathy and Scott visit Belva and Carl in Denmark. They were in Paris for 5 days and went to Denmark today.

With 5 kids here at the house under the age of 5 it is pretty crazy. But luckily I have a few older babysitters in training who help me out by pouring milk, getting popcicles, and stopping the babies from climbing up (and falling down) the stairs

cathyg said...

Elder Simmons, I check your blog several times a week and always enjoy what I read! I know what it is like to put your thoughts out to be read and comments are always welcome reminders that others like what you say! I love your reviews of the work and the compliments you give our missionaries! Elder Gardner has been very careful to share mostly uplifting stories with very little complaining so it is good to get a picture of some of his trials so we will know what to ask him about! We know he has come to love the people and the country and is NOT counting the days until his mission ends! Thank you and your wife for all you do to support the missionaries and help them feel loved! We know they need you very much and it moves us to be prepared to one day fill your shoes! Keep blogging and I will keep reading!

Belva said...

Good Evening Dougie, Just turned to your blog after talking to my mom for two hours. It is 1:00 in the morning-I'm doing what every good senior missionary should do..connecting with a good friends. Love your blog, you have given me such inspritation and made me want to continue posting on a blog. It is a wonderful way to see what you are doing. Some how when it isn't writ it aint did? Didn't you say that to me once. It is true of writing down things- all of a sudden you realize that you did something of worth that day. I also love to get comments. Even one little sentence makes my day. Thank you for all that you and cindy do. you are an inspiration. It is comforting to know that we are all in this together. As usual, I don't know how to comment. I always write a letter. I'll do better next time. Love you, Belva

English1 said...

Dear Doug and Cindy -

This is the first time I have seen your blog and therefore, this is my first comment. I've only read a couple entries so far, but will happily read more when I am up in the middle of the night checking blogs while trying to get to a point when I can sleep again! Having never served a mission, I can only imagine what the experience is like, no matter where you serve, but what I picture as your area - freezing Russia - seems particularly challenging based on weather alone. No doubt as I read your previous entries, many other challenges (and blessings) will become apparent. I appreciate your example and your hard work to spread the "good news" there and even to all of us fortunate enough to read your blog! Take care - Dorene