Monday, June 29, 2009

A Letter to the President

A Letter to the President
July 2009

This is a copy of the letter that we gave to President and Sister Mickelsen Monday night. I have posted it as an open tribute to our out-going mission president and his wife who return to the US on Thursday. They have been wonderful leaders for this mission. We will miss them.

President and Sister Mickelsen July, 2009

We have been thinking of a fitting gift for you as you leave your service here in Novosibirsk and decided that you didn’t need something else to dust, so I am writing in behalf of Sister Cindy and myself to just say thank you for your service to the members in this mission, to the missionaries and senior couples, and particularly to us as your office couple. We are also giving you the root beer float straw-spoons, as something to remember us by that doesn’t need dusting. Enjoy them with your family and remember.

To say that we have enjoyed our association with you would be inadequate. First, having been in Russia three times ourselves, we deeply respect anyone who would accept a return assignment, knowing the life that you would be living for those years. It is a testament to your love of the people and your dedication to the Lord.

We so appreciated your kind concern when we first came to Novosibirsk and your continued personal attention to our needs. Although we had some idea of the conditions, nothing really prepares you for the immersion into this place. Your encouragement, love, and support were truly appreciated. It was a warmth and concern that we hope, in turn, to show to others who come to serve here.

Your leadership has been a great example to us of how one can be light and fun, but stern and serious when needed. You are what the missionaries needed to know they were loved and still feel like they must work hard to measure up to expectations. I especially enjoyed both of your Zone Conference presentations. Sister Mickelsen’s stories and teachings were masterful and the video presentations were inspirational. Your gospel messages always send me to my scriptures to learn more of that particular principle and I always feel uplifted.

Thank you beyond thanks for your service and the lives you have lived to prepare you for this great assignment. May you feel the love of God in your lives going forward and receive the blessings the Lord has for those who love Him as you do.

With great love and gratitude for a job well done.

Elder and Sister Simmons
Russia Novosibirsk Office Couple


Trisha said...

What a wonderful tribute. I am so glad that they were there to help you through your first year. It sounds as if you have made some great new friend in life and in the gospel.

Shannon Simmons said...

Love it, love them & love you!!

Andrea S said...

Sound like they were great folks. The new Pres will have big shoes to fill.

Belva said...

Hello again dougie, Great tribute to your mission president. What a responsibility mission presidents have. It is quite a commitment. Just wrote another comment on the previous blog that you might miss. Thought you might like to read it. I hang on every comment that people make on my blog. It is a tiny gift that you receive every once in a while that brightens your day. Have a good belva

Mom/Cindy said...

Thanks for being our letter writer. You said it all. I miss them. They were our friends and security blanket.
Sure hope all will be well with them.
Love ya, Me