Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Melancholy Duty 6/18/09

A Melancholy Duty

Melancholy I guess is the right word. It isn't really sadness like you have at a tragedy, but it is a personal reminder of something lost; our missionaries.

Today I shredded the ATM cards for several of our missionaries who have been released and returned home to continue their lives as young people on a new mission. It is certainly our loss and someone else has gained. I had to go into the restroom to cry for a few minutes not good to see the financial secretary in tears.

We learn quickly to love these valiant young people and feel it a privilege to serve them here in the office. We don't interact with them in the same way as the other senior couples because we do not teach many discussions with them, although some have brought their investigators to our home for dinner and a lesson.

Our relationship to them is pure service. We get them into the mission field with their proper documents, their city assignments, their instructions of do's and don'ts, their ATM cards, and their cell phones. We answer their questions when they call, we comfort them when they have lost a phone, or a wallet, or their money.

We hear from them when they can't remember if they have to pay their rent, when they forgot their PIN number, when they need to renew visas, when they need to close an apartment or find a new one; we are their information booth and security blanket when all else fails. It is a unique relationship, sort of a parent without portfolio.

Shredding a set of cards is so final. It is like shutting the door on a relationship you don't want to lose. I wish them all well in the real world and hope that they will remember us fondly.

What a life.

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Shannon Simmons said...

Oh, Elder Simmons. I still have my bank card from my mission. They let me keep it. I remember & fondly love Elder & Sister B who were our financial missionaries. You will not be forgot & they are missing you too. Keep up the good work & remember the relationships last forever.