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The Family Enrichment Program 6/23/09

The Family Enrichment Program 

Weather--Whatever you want. Morning was clear and bright, noon was overcast, evening was a loud thunder storm and heavy rain, night was clear skies and bright sunset.
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Our trips to Irkutsk, Ulan-Ude, and Angarsk had many purposes. One was to train the financial clerks in the branches, second was to accompany the Bowdens on their quest for Humanitarian projects in these cities, and third was to conduct Family Enrichment Program seminars.

For those unfamiliar with our first mission, we were called to serve for two years to help develop and promote this program that was written by two wonderful ladies from Brigham Young University, Wendy Sheffield and Shirley Cox, who have become good friends during and after our service. Simply put, the program teaches families how to strengthen their relationship through a weekly family night activity where they share songs, plan activities, teach their family values, play a game, and have a treat. This has been used in the LDS Church for almost a century to bond family members together and is now available to non-LDS groups as a gift.

With the FEP manual in Russian, we are teaching members and non-members this program all over our mission. Pictured here are the two groups we met with during the week. The Ulan-Ude group was about 60 with many non-LDS friends learning how to start having "Family Night".

During the seminar, we have a group put on a demonstration Family Night to show how it is done. Here is the "demonstration family" from Ulan-Ude who is here showing the family crest they made as part of their demonstration. They were a great example.

Several non-LDS people came up to us and said how much they enjoyed the seminar and how excited they were to try the program. We sure hope that they continue with it.

In Irkutsk, we also had about 25 people who rode the bus an hour from Angarsk to join the Irkutsk people to give us over 50 people that night and had very much the same from comments and success at the meeting. Here two sisters show the crest they made at home in anticipation of the seminar.

Here two non-LDS young people at the seminar who are working on their crest with the enthusiasm of new parents. Their baby was being held by an older woman who may have been the grandmother. They loved the concept and were committed to having Family Night with their new family.

These seminars show how hungry people are for ideas and methods to strengthen their families. This is an idea whose time has come to this part of the world. People all over the world love their families and want things to be better. Just think how things will change if everyone spent one night a week together having fun and loving one another.

What a program for this country.

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Shannon Simmons said...

Somehow i missed this wrap up entry of your trip! I love the pictures of the people. They are why you made the trip, you know? It must be so exciting to share the message of family night with these great people of Russia. :)