Sunday, June 8, 2008

Finally Gone 2

Sunday evening
Friday June 6, 2008

I forgot to mention something about Sunday after the BBQ. We opened the cupboards to Shannon & Andrea/Brian to take what ever they wanted before we offered it to the world. We had cleaned out years of "storage" from the bathrooms as well as the food cupboards in the Toy Room. This picture is some of the bathroom stuff available.

Monday was full of haircuts, dropping off the last laundry load, final shopping, packing, and yard repairs. Rosa Lee Odell came over and spent the morning helping us to weigh and pack 10 boxes that we were sending to ourselves at the Mission office. She was a life-saver because we would have been all day on that project without her help.

That evening we went to our last "Empty-Nesters" family home evenings at the Coop's where Richard and Jerri Clinger thrilled us with songs and Richard's piano skills. He is truly gifted. The refreshment period was again filled with the very kind and loving farewells of friends with whom we have thus met twice a month for the last 10 years, organized of course by Cindy. After taking the Wilbergs home we spent the rest of the night until 2:00 am on projects.

Tuesday, while I did the last entries in my business books for a meeting with Brian later that night, Cindy had breakfast with Bonnie, picked up the last of the alterations, the last massage at Taffey Hoops, more bookkeeping for me, and other stuff for Cindy. We met with Brian for the final look at the business duties he will perform for us and arranged to transfer the Suburban to him. Another late night (12 o'clock) and getting ready for work at the Temple the next day. Sometime after 9 pm the Henshaws taped a sign to our screen door, wishing us well on our adventure. We have such good friends.

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