Thursday, June 12, 2008

MTC 6-11-08

Life at the MTC
Monday June 11, 2008
Today we started off getting prepared to teach the Plan of Salvation in a new format. Yesterday we prepared a 45 minute presentation for a sister posing as an investigator. Today we will teach an 8 minute lesson on the Plan of Salvation and then be prepared to discuss that lesson and answer questions using the scriptures and our experience. I like this better because you get to make your points early before the investigator asks questions that take you far afield. That is my favorite approach.

In the afternoon we met with Will Baker, a supposed investigator who had received the first discussion earlier. We began the session with prayer and offered him some Macadamia nuts and water, like last time, but he turned them down. The session went well with Cindy starting off with the pre-mortal council in heaven and the creation. She is doing so well even though she feels less qualified to teach. I hope to help her gain more confidence because she has so much to give to these investigators.

We are trained to continually "invite" the people to do things and commit them with "will you" questions. This is a little hard to remember to keep doing all during the interview, but we'll get it. We are also trained to bear testimony about each point and promise blessings if the investigator will do the behavior. Again, that's going to take practice.

During the day the new missionaries came to the MTC. There are lots of suitcases stacked in the corridors and red dots on name tags of grinning elders and sisters. They sure are excited, and some scared, to be here. Dinner was roast beef and mash potatoes, the traditional welcome menu for Wednesdays. The electricity in the air is palpable. Boy, I wish we could harness that to help the energy crisis.

Tonight we went to Russian Tutoring with Katya, a young Ukrainian student at BYU. She is fun to work with and we hope to learn things quickly. Tonight we went over the alphabet and its sounds. Quite different and a real challenge. Our classmates, the Gregorsens are going to Rostov (sp?) in southern Russia where it is warm and Mediterranean. Nice place in the winter I'll bet.

We are now doing our emails and homework for tomorrow. Lots to do and we are very tired, but happy.

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Shannon Simmons said...

I am just sooooo happy for you. Things sound wonderful. The MTC is such a great place and the excitement you share reminds me of my time there. Its such a special time! Keep up the great work you two - you have lots of prayers and love behind you!