Sunday, June 15, 2008

MTC 6-14-08

Saturday June 14, 2008
Today we slept in a little late and got to the cafeteria 5 minutes before it was to close at 8:30 am. When we arrived it was packed with young missionaries and the shelves just inside the door, where everyone is supposed to put their backpacks, was jammed with black packs belonging to these hundreds of missionaries. We had our laundry bag filled with a week's wash that we were going to do at Trisha's this afternoon, but there was no room for it on the shelves so I just set it in front of the shelves. As you can see, when we finished our breakfast-burrito and departed, we were the last two people to leave just before 9:00 am when those missionaries had to be to their first class of the day, and there sat our laundry, all alone in front of that long line of shelves. It was both impressive and expected that the young missionaries were so obedient both to the shelf rule and to being on time to class. Even with that pressure, one young elder came by our table and asked if he could put our trays on the conveyor to the scullery for us. Such respect and service is the rule around here. What a place.

Trisha and Chris were going to pick us up in front of the MTC to go to the Temple this morning. We stopped by the mail room on the way and found a package from Paula Green, a friend from Sacramento who had moved to Pleasant Grove several years ago. As we walked to the drive along the front of the campus, heading to the front entry where they were to pick us up, we saw two elders reading scriptures on a bench and stopped to talk to them. I said Dobro Utra and one said buenos dias so we stopped to chat in my best Spanish. One turned to another and said, "We are supposed to make 5 contacts today. This could be our first." So they began asking us questions in Spanish and I answered in my very limited Spanish. We talked for several minutes until the Youells drove up. It was great fun to see them trying out their Spanish on us and doing their assignment.

Unfortunately, since we never got to the main entry we forgot to sign out at the office and were AWOL all day. Fortunately, no one needed us during the day; or at least we don't think so. We went up to the Temple and did an hour's worth of sealings, proxy marriages and eternally sealing children to their parents, thus creating eternal family relationships, then went to lunch at Beto's Mexican restaurant, got Cindy ANOTHER two pair of shoes, picked up Trisha's birthday clothes she had selected, had a great "pre-Father's Day" dinner of my choice at their home, and saw the Orem Summer Festival fireworks from a park on 4th west, a prudent distance away from the mob. They were great. Grammie was invited to sit between Sara and Makhail in the back seat of the van on the way to the fireworks. A little crowded but lots of love.

We are trying to get to bed before midnight and I will close now at 11:12 pm to pursue that goal.

It was a great day.

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