Saturday, June 7, 2008

Finally Gone

Finally Gone
Friday June 6, 2008

Today, Friday June 6, we are at Trisha & Chris' home in Orem for the weekend recuperating from the long nights and busy days trying to get out of town. I'll start with last Saturday and continue in several other entries.

You know that Cindy and I want to be with our friends and family as much as possible in these last few days and have split ourselves between those activities and getting ready to leave. Saturday was no exception. In the morning we took the Odell's to breakfast, a combination last Home Teaching visit and social time. In the mid-day we tried to finish some projects around the house to not leave anything undone. In the afternoon we went to Lodi to our niece's son's first birthday party, but had to leave in time to drive the hour back home in time to meet the 7 friends who had agreed to help us finish packing up our personal things for storage in the guest room. When they left at 9:30 we spend until after midnight working on more "get out of town" projects. I am so looking forward to the mission's 10:00 going to bed rules.

Sunday we went to the Hurley Ward block meetings for the last time and again received many kind words and well-wishes. People have been too nice to us. I told Cindy that if anything happened to delay our mission, we still had to leave town on the 5th because we could not stand to have any false starts.

After church we went around and visited many friends whom we had not yet seen. We heard that Frank Levett was in the hospital and expected to find Karen and Robert there. We just missed them at Mercy General, but saw Frank for the last time. He later died on Wednesday afternoon. We did see Karen and Robert Lee at home. The Sunday before we had seen the Poplawski's, Mike Kiester, Carol Matich, and the Sherwoods, being concerned that they may not be here when we returned after 2 years.

Sunday evening we had the last BBQ with the family, cleaning out the freezer. It was enough food for 20 people, including three ribeye steaks, 6 pieces of lamb, and the last of the swordfish from our Hawaii trip in April. After they went home at about 9 we stayed up til 1:30 am working on projects.

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