Wednesday, June 18, 2008

MTC 6-17-08

Tuesday June 17, 2008
Tuesday morning found us doing the same routine as Monday. Breakfast at 7:30 am, Class at 8:00 am, & Lunch at 12 pm. In class we learned more about the MOS (mission office system) and how to enter the most common types of transactions. We have a lively group in class and we have fun as well as learn. Today I was responsible for the opening song. I chose "I have two little hands" from the Primary because it tells how I feel about my job in the office. It goes like this:
"I have two little hands folded snugly and tight. They are tiny and weak, but they know what is right. During all the long hours 'til daylight is through, there is plenty indeed for my two hands to do."

Cindy was the spiritual thought for the day and told of how every minute and every thought while here was spiritual. We have been here a week and have cried at almost everything all week. She recounted the ice cream story from yesterday and closed with how much she loved her mission. Praying for the missionaries in homes and Temples has a new meaning now that she is one and she is grateful for those prayers.

After lunch I tried to get the 50 lbs of stuff out of one of the large suitcases and into the new one we got last night. It just came to 50 lbs and I was done with that one. After dinner and the devotional we lightened Cindy's smaller suitcase to 50 lbs as well. There is no hope for the two big ones. We'll just have to pay for the weight both on Delta and Aeroflot. It will be about $480 of which we will be reimbursed about $300.

During class, sister Randall was looking at her email and began laughing uncontrollably. When she gained her composure she said that someone had sent her President Hinckley's recounting of the famous "brick layer request for sick leave". I have attached it below for your pleasure.

The devotional speaker was Elder Walter Gonzales of the 70's presidency. We loved singing the hymns with the 2500 missionaries. It was a close second to the Tab Choir.

Cindy has an upset stomach tonight, probably from all the food we have been eating. We just don't eat this much at home, but I am still loosing weight from when we left home a lifetime ago. I think both of us will be a little more careful what we eat for the next three days until we leave.

I have been getting along on 6 hours of sleep a night since we arrived and I'm just about at the end of my endurance. Cindy has gotten even less because she is working on cleaning up her email contacts list and it takes her a long time to make a single change. I admire her tenacity. She is really trying to master this computer.

At 10:30 pm I think we are about to go to bed. It's not too soon for me.
Elder Doug

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