Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ballet 11/15/08


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Recently we went to the ballet to see the Nutcracker. This was in the same theater where we saw the first ballet a month ago. It was good, but the Nutcracker is the Nutcracker. Actually, for me ballet is ballet and I could not tell you if it was good or bad except one of the sugarplum fairies stumbled and I guess that's a no-no.

We invited Olga and her friend, Natasha to attend with and they were both delightful. The friend teaches English and speaks quite well.

After the show there was a recognition given to a retired Prima Ballerina, now a teacher, who achieved the highest rank of her art. There were plaques, flowers, speeches, and appropriate audience applause that went on for at least 30 minutes. It was a great opportunity to be there on the night she was honored. I didn't understand much of what was said of course, but they honored her most highly.

We also bought the tickets for President & Sister Mickelsen, but you can see that the Pres didn't escape duty even at the ballet.

This is a rather dark picture of the theater's front with my ladies for the evening. We had a good time and will do it again for Swan Lake next week and Don Quixote later.

What a country.


Trisha said...

How lucky you are. I love the ballet and would enjoy every minute of it. I love Don Quixote too. Enjoy it for me if you can.

Marilyn said...

Ladies of the evening? Dougie? Come now. Isn't it great to be able to attend such a wonderful evening. The music must have been something you enjoyed - the Nutcracker is the Nutcracker. How great is that to start the Christmas season! And the Russian Ballet is supposed to be outstanding, even in Siberia - maybe it was too cold and the sugar plum fairy slipped on the ice. Marilyn

Shannon Simmons said...

I have to agree with Trish. I am a bit jealous of your entertainment. I remember seeing Swan Lake and it was lovely. That was almost 20 years ago...the Russians can dance. Keep enjoying it for us other Simmons Women!