Saturday, November 22, 2008

My First Interthought Posting 11/22/08

My First Interthought Posting 

Wind from the west 8-10 mph

It is later, 10 AM, Saturday morning and I am thinking my first attempt at an interthought posting. (see last night's-earlier this morning's-posting) The subject is inter-galactic ice cream. Tune in your thoughts and let's see if this works. Leave your "reception" as a comment on the blog or write an email to with what you received. This can work!

What a thought


Shannon Simmons said...

yum. would it be like the freeze dried kind that astronauts eat? That wouldnt be tasty. All I am thinking about is delicious chocolate ice cream that is sitting in the freezer.

Emily said...

I think you are telling me I should eat some icecream for breakfast as my preschooler is sitting here watching Buzz Lightyear cartoons. Thanks for the permission! I was fighting it.

I'll make sure to call it something intergalactic- like Rocket Rocky Road

Trisha said...

I am hearing treat yourself. But I keep having the thoughts of good creamy vanilla ice cream from a street vender in Russia. And then taking it into space. Would that really work. Not to sure. But I think if we all get the chores done we will have a inter galactic thought sundae.

Marilyn said...

Grant & I went to Leatherby's today for ice cream - cooler, winter weather & all. We must have been having interthought with you before we even read your blog! Today was an Internet Message Day to support the Leatherby's who have been picketed & in the news for donation to Prop 8. It was sooo good - we've not been there for probably 9 months, so you must have been telling us to go support a good Catholic family who supported Prop 8 with a large $$$ donation. Marilyn

LFB said...

I don't want to make the effort to find the right words to express myself - so I'll just think my comments. Might as well go all the way with the idea.

Actually, I beat you to the concept. I've been thinking my comments for some time now. Haven't you been receiving them?