Saturday, November 22, 2008

New Style Blog 11/22/08

Same as an hour ago.

It's 1:30 AM Saturday morning, after the ballet, and Cindy is still reading her emails. It is going to be a short night.

As I was turning down the bed (one of my duties along with cleaning and world peace) I was thinking about the "visitor counter" I had Elder Worthen put on the blog. I don't know if it is accurate, he says it is, but according to the counter, a lot of people have "hit" this blog. Many of you have said that you enjoy reading my ramblings and I really do appreciate your comments. I guess it's not unusual to like praise.

As I said, while turning down the bed, I got to thinking about the many people reading this and thought, "You know, I really don't like writing. It is slow, laborious, and very inefficient." I have no trouble thinking of things to write about; our life here is full of writable events. Like today when I took an elder with me over to the bank and spent over an hour trying to find out why the ATM that has been giving me cash regularly for 5 months suddenly decided I was persona nongrata. After over an hour waiting in various lines, asked for my passport and if I had an account there, only to be sent to another line and told, "I don't have a card reader, go to the next window, and told there, "Why don't you just go use the ATM" and ultimately to be told by a third teller, "Your card doesn't work" which I knew in the first place.

There's lot of stuff to write about here, but I don't like to write. Once I pick a topic, then I have to choose the words that transmit meaning to my readers. That's tedious. Does this word work here. Does that word mean the same in Sacramento as it does in Orem or Novosibirsk? Will I offend someone with that phrase? It takes too long. It would be so much more efficient to talk this blog. Do they have such a thing; a talking blog? That's such a great idea. Where's Al Gore when you need him?

Actually, even talking is a little inefficient. The most efficient and fool-proof blog would be a thought blog. Now there's a concept. I would just think of something and start working it in my head. You readers would now become thinkers and we would think out this thing together. What a revolution; a blog that turns the public into thinkers. There is a nugget of an idea there. I think that I will think more about that. Would you be thinking it with me? Could we work this thing together?

I am going to work the bugs out of this with your help and the next posting you see will just be the title. You will then think about that title and get my ideas over the interthought (no not internet, interthought) you could laugh at my double antandre, appreciate my alliteration, and bask in my depth of thought without having to read a word. Boy, we have really got something here. Stand by for the next posting. You'll love it.

What a thought!


Trisha said...

That would be great if we could really use a interthought. I am behind you 100%.

Elder & Sister Woodbury said...

Doug, We would be lost if you did not write unless we could develope good ESP that worked everytime. We do enjoy you even when you two are far away.


Lelia said...

Doug, is your brain freezing? Snowflakes getting in your head? You are the blogger - it is a great read.