Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Phone Interview

From a telephone interview with KSL-TV November 4, 2008
"Steve said, "Barb and I and our children love our church and our faith, which allows for a wide diversity of political discourse. In our case, our diversity does not diminish in any way our or my love, respect and sustaining of the leadership of our church, which is deep and profound."
Steve declined to answer any questions, saying the statement is all he wishes to say publicly on the matter."

It is not about politics, Steve. It is about morality; a moral issue governed by a political process that is basic to our form of government. That is why the Church Leadership got involved. It is not about the politics, Steve.

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Shannon Simmons said...

I couldnt agree more. Seems like a pansy middle of the road statement to me. He wont be able to keep the public, his family, and God pleased all at the same time. Eventually he will need to choose a side...