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Swan Lake 11/21/08

Swan Lake 

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We went to see Swan Lake tonight with Olga & Natalia and the Mickelsen's. We had front row seats, right behind the orchestra. We could hear them breathing.

The story of Swan Lake is taken from several places, the most popular version is that it was taken from a Russian folk legend about a wicked sorcerer who turned the village maidens into swans who could become human only at night. The spell could be broken only by love's true devotion. The main characters are Odette, the swan queen, Siegfried, the dreamer prince, the prince's mother and father, the court jester, and the sorcerer. Siegfried finally breaks the spell by showing his devotion and love for Odette, kills the sorcerer, and they live happily ever after.

Another version of the story has the swan dieing and Siegfried going off broken hearted. Sister Mickelsen said that this was the Russian version that has everything turning out positive; mandated by the Soviet censors. "You WILL have a good time."

Here is Sister Cindy and Elder Dougie enjoying the front row seats and waiting for the second (of 4) acts to begin. My you're looking slim. Have you lost weight?

I am still not fond of men in tights; especially the modern ones here in Russia that show the posterior cleavage so dramatically. They look like they were spray-painted on or it is simply a naked bum with body makeup. I can just do without that. Where are the Union Suits that used to suffice as men's tights. This modern version is simply giving me too much information. With the tutus, the female dancers were much more modest than the men.

While waiting for Sister Cindy and she stands in line at the lady's room I saw a little girl pretending to be a ballerina. After half a minute or so I decided to take a picture. I tried to get her on video without her knowing, but when she saw me she exited into the pillar to her right. I should have acted sooner.

I also saw a display with pictures of the theater with various luminaries, in this case Putin visited here last year. I also loved the fresco on the end of the wall showing dancers in costume. This is a remarkable theater to have been built in the Soviet period. It is said to have been build during Stalin's time and ended up being several square feet larger than the one in Leningrad. When this was discovered, he went to Leningrad and killed the Leningrad theater's architect. Apocryphal I'm sure.

What a country


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