Friday, November 7, 2008

Here it Comes 11/7/08

Here it Comes 

Rainy. Winds to 15 mph

If you haven' seen it on the news or heard it on TV, the axis of evil has targeted the Church and one article calls for outlawing the Mormon Church.

These are the peaceful homosexuals who just want to get along, protesting in front of the Los Angeles Temple and the Salt Lake Temple. Fasten your seat belts folks. Satan is gearing up for another run at us.

What a world.


Shannon Simmons said...

Thanks for your comment dad. The no's are in the throe's of retaliation. I will be writing about my experience with a no protest last night....i was a little afraid of my safety with my yes sticker prominently placed on my car....we are getting targeted!

Pelagian said...

I took the yes sticker off our car yesterday after I saw artiles with threats of violice . . . taking abotu long knives, we know who you are, Mormons watch your backs, etc.

Lelia said...

It is so appalling to see such hostility, especially from people who have cried discrimination, who have demanded their voice be heard, that they want not to remove those privilages from anyone who uses the God given and government freedom of speech and voting rights. The people of the Morman Church put up a successful campaign, spent hard earned money for this fight and they found success. The picketing, the abuse, the threats, and their false advertising is horrible. I thank God for the courage of your church to defeat this political action. I don't live in California any more but I was praying the people would vote to keep marriage only between a man and a woman. I will keep praying that it will continue this way.