Sunday, November 23, 2008

Interthought on the move 11/23/08

Interthought on the move 

Scattered snow showers
wind calm

OK, It looks like we have a few thinkers in the audience, but I think that generally your feet are planted firmly on the ground. Yes Emily, you have permission to indulge in the Rocket Rocky Road. Actually, that was very creative. I like your style.

Trisha, you don't need to worry about the chores. Cobwebs be quiet, dust go to sleep, I've children to love, and lovin' won't keep. Do you remember that picture in the bedroom hall?

Shannon, you are right. The freeze-dried ice cream IS dry and not too tasty. How was the cholcolate ice cream?

Marilyn,you turned this into an anti-protest event and I'm a big supporter of Dave Leatherby. He's got my support, but how was the ice cream? Let's keep the focus on you.

And Larry, you are really ahead of me. So that's where those thoughts come from. You are really a colorful thinker. Some of those images are stupefying. Thanks so much for the ongoing thought transfer. Much appreciated.

By the way, have any of you looked at the visitor count, just above the National Geographic picture?

That was pretty good for a start. Let's try this one, I have been thinking of this phrase all day and I don't know what it means; antebellum antimony. What do you get out of this?

For the rest of you not linked up on the interthought, I would like to discuss snowmen. In Novosibirsk, they have winter sculptures and ice carving, but there is no record of the general use of snowmen by children. In most of the world where snow is common, snowmen are the province of children. I did find a reference to snowmen in Omsk, a city west of Novosibirsk and here is an excerpt from a web site discussing their use of snowmen.

(Omsk, The M. Vrubel ORAM, 2004-2005)
The exhibition «Snowy tender white people» is timed to coincide with the arrival of winter and the beginning of the new year. As it follows from the name, the main characters of this project are snowmen. Remember, this is a literal translation from Russian. It is a little stiff.

The snowman is
a sign figure. It’s from the childhood. It’s from the first snow, still warm. It’s from the fairy-tale: The Snow Maiden is a little «snowwoman». It’s from the mystery: the snowman – the snow man(!). (Or the Russian «snowwoman» is an English snowman?)
The snowmen connect us to the beliefs of our distant ancestors – they are direct relatives of stone women.

The snowmen entered in the history of the Christianity: saint Francis, fighting a demon, made snowmen and named them his wife and children.

We are having a family, the Drachhov family, in for family night tomorrow and we will teach them the Snow man. They do not know the song and don't know about snowmen. As much snow and cold weather there is here, it is hard to imagine no snowmen. These ice sculptures are part of the winter festival in January and they are impressive. This set is across the street, in the park, from the opera house where we see the ballets. Still, no snow men.

What a country.


Emily said...

Ok, I'll take a stabat it. Antebellum makes me think of the old south before the Civil war and I don't know what antimony is but it sounds a little like alimony. So I think Antebellum alimony is what Rhett had to pay Scarlett after he quit giving a damn. Uh, oh, can I say damn on a mission blog? Sorry, but you are the one thinking it.

Marilyn said...

Sorry Doug, but I'm thoughtless on this one - you must not be sending as well today. But lest you worry, I think I'll be thoughtful and go fix Grant something to eat before he has to ask, "are we going to eat tonight?" Marilyn

Trisha said...

Well, the first thing that comes to me is a country music group called " Lady Antebellum". So this must be one of the new songs that you are going to send to them. The lyrics sure sound great. Still trying to hear the music.